Monday, May 01, 2006

Who says Rock is Dead?


Bob Dylan shares a limo
with John Lennon. Bob is
gassed out of his mind.

Lennon suggests that Bob
shit on the camera lens.
"Come come, it's only a
film. Money money! That'll
get your head up!"


Bill Graham tells black
leather-clad Mike Wilhelm
"I'll knock your teeth in for
you, sweetheart" before
chasing Wilhelm (founding
member of SF's 1st acid
The Charlatans) down 2
flights of stairs to the street.
"Fuck you and thanks for the


Hells Angels bump heads
with sassy musicians on
stage at Altamont.
When fat naked burn-outs
show up, Angels really put
their foot down. "Y'all wanna
go home or what?"

Thanksgiving at Morrison's:
Guests split as Jim trashes
dinner. What a turkey!

No fun, no future, and no
vacancy at Mom & Dad's house.
Nancy Sponge-em & Sid Fix-us
are given the bum's rush by
Nancy's parents.
We'll call you!

Back at the Chelsea hotel, Nan/Sid
nod off and set the room on fire.
Sid flips the bird at the flames.

Love Peace and Get Off the Stage

Abbie Hoffman Incident at Woodstock


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