Friday, February 18, 2005

Dr. Wertham, I Exhume

If any one tome warped my mind, this was it.
Wertham's exposé of the subliminal messages comic books were sending was so alarming in 1954 that 15 years later comics readers were still galvanized into challenging it's conclusions:

Wonder Woman was a ball-breaking lesbian; Batman and Robin were spending down time lounging around their mansion filled with floral decor, in silk bathrobes no less - "the homosexual dream"!
The conspiracy to recruit kids into an early debauchery went so far as to insert panels with hidden drawings of genitalia, that only those with too much time and too many comic books would ever see.
Dr. Wertham included a panel and enlarged detail of what appears to be a woman's lower torso. The legs are not open, and no anatomic features other than the mound are visible.

Wertham described this incredible find as "pictures within pictures for children who know how to look!"

...and Wertham apparently knew how to look.

"Cover of a children's comic book"


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