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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Flamin' Groovie Shakes Some Axes

Cyril is letting go of another beautiful guitar from his collection.
See it on eBay at a discount asking price:

Alvin Lee Custom GIBSON ES-335

Here's the Hofner Bass guitar Cyril Jordan (and sometimes George Alexander) played while laying down some of the Flamin Groovies greatest grooves.

The band's best known track, "Shake Some Action", featured this Hofner "Beatle" Bass.

Cyril Jordan recently bought a new Hofner 1963 reissue that was ideal for several studio recordings with his new band Magic Christian (named after the movie starring Ringo), so he decided to give the fans a chance to bid on the actual ax he's had since 1974.

Sold via eBay.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cover Art Oil Paintings

Cyril's paintings are better than ever, and the boy needs to raise cash to release his latest CD album!

See the best of his latest work at the art gallery I set up for him:

Cyril Jordan Comic Art Gallery Room


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Re'up'd, impr'v'd Freaky Uncle Creepy's Keepers Vol. 5

So many Sixties comps to choose from, with so little time to go through all the vols searching for the cool ones. I'm still at it, picking through hundreds of old albums to find the keepers, and I've been buying anthologies reissued in 2008 and '07 that haven't been reviewed or even listed on yet.
This may help you decide which of these latest comps are worth getting.
The point: amazing tracks are still emerging, and unless they're noticed they'll get lost in the filler.
Keepers 5 is back up on rapidshare. Trax at 320 bit rate. LP cover art in the RAR file.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Aoxomoxoa - Original Mix

Long out of print, with the 16 track tape masters apparently scuttled at the time of the remix in 1971, the original mix of (OX-OH-MOX-OH-AH) the Grateful Dead's third lp is unlikely to ever be reissued, although Rhino did an excellent remastering of the 1971 remix and included several bonus tracks.

This upload from the original vinyl pressing is from a torrent initially in lossless flac format but...
approx. 450mb seemed to be a bit much considering the uploaded volume was soft.

Includes a radio plug for Aoxomoxoa from 1969 and a studio jam of The Eleven, one of only 2 non-live versions ever recorded, from the Aoxomoxoa sessions.

1. Download Link:Click here to download file

2. Download Link:Click here to download file

3. Download Link:Click here to download file

4. Download Link:Click here to download file

5. Download Link:Click here to download file

6. Download Link:Click here to download file

7. Download Link:Click here to download file

8. Download Link:Click here to download file

9. Download Link:Click here to download file

10. Download Link:Click here to download file

Monday, April 16, 2007

Singles Session - Avron Knows - Yardbirds

I mixed cool pic sleeves to rare Yardbirds rave-up. Size controls on bottom rt.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Beat List Archive Sixties Tapes = B.L.A.S.T.

Garage International Archive Nuggets Tapes
60's Garage Band + Scopitone Video Archives


My email address + link:

Video compilation of '60s Beat Bands
from Australia, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Finland, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain!

circa 1965-1967

NTSC - VHS -in Illustrated vinyl case.

Extra High quality import tape. Hi-Fi sound.

From Europe TV stations of the Sixties, rare live performances by many of the groups heard on the excellent NUGGETS II Rhino box set.

  • Creation - Makin' Time
  • Zipps - Kicks & Chicks

  • The Boots - Gloria

  • The Smoke - My Friend Jack

  • The Move - I Can Hear The Grass Grow

  • Q-65 - The Life I Lead

  • Monks - Boys Are Boys & Girls Are Choice / Oh How To Do Now

  • Golden Earrings - Daddy Buy Me A Girl

  • plus:
  • Syndicats  
  • Small Faces
  • Pretty Things
  • Primitives  
  • Troggs
  • Poets
  • Easybeats
  • Los Bravos
  • Episode Six  
  • Status Quo
  • Red Squares
  • Mutantes
  • Los Yakis
  • Outsiders
  • Rattles
  • Loved Ones
  • Master's Apprentices
  • Tommorow's Eyes - Stroll On
  • Rodys  -Take Her Home
  • Dukes - Friday On My Mind
  • Birds   
  • Shakers - Now We're Thru
  • Shanes - I Don't Want Your Love
  • Baroques
  • Fleur de Lys + Sharon Tandy - Hold On
  • German Bonds - We're Out Of Sight
  • Big Boy Pete - Cold Turkey
  • Untamed  
  • Cuby & The Blizzards  


NEW ARRIVALS of vintage fuzz, freak-beat, and surf

DISC-O-TEEN silent behind the scenes footage with Left Banke, Critters
Gingermen, Chips & Co, and more.



ED SULLIVAN Lovin' Spoonful


Blues Magoos "Tobacco Road" - Kraft Music Hall ...super psych

Blues Magoos "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" - two sought after
variants from

1966- (Bandstand, Action) best versions by far, and nice prints

Box Tops "Cry Like A Baby"-Upbeat "The Letter "-Upbeat

Buffalo Springfield "Bluebird" -Mannix

Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth" -Shebang

Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth" - Monterey Pop outtake

Creation "Making Time" -Beat Beat Beat

Donovan "Guinnevere" "Twelve Kingfishers" +2 - Rainbow

Doors "The End" -Rock Scene (Canadian TV special, 67)

Flamin' Groovies "The Slide", "Golden Clouds" rare
68 performance -film

Gordian Knot "Ophelia's Dream" -Young Runaways

Grateful Dead "Viola Lee Blues" -Monterey Pop outtake

Herd -"I Can Fly" -Beat Club

Jefferson Airplane "Ballad Of You And Me Pooneil" / "Two
Heads" /

"White Rabbit" - Rock Scene (upgrade, with show titles)

J. Airplane "It's No Secret" (color, with Signe) - Bell Telephone

Love "Your Mind And We Belong Together" (Electra promo)

Love "She Comes In Colors" (rare Love promo, vintage A. Lee)

Monks "Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice" "Oh, How To
Do Now"

Os Mutantes -2 songs -So. Amer. psych-folk w/ female lead singer

Poppy Family "Different Drum" / "Shadows On My Wall"
/ "Gentle On

My Mind" / "Beyond A Cloud" / "Paper Sun" -Let's
Go 69

Les Problemes "Ti L'Est La Nuit Noire" French psych pop

Peppermint Trolley Co. "Trust" - Upbeat

Shocking Blue "Blossom Lady" "Inkpot"

Screaming Lord Sutch "The Train Kept A-Rollin' " (circa 67

Sweetwater "What's Wrong" - Texas music festival 69

Tomorrow's Eyes "Train Kept A-Rollin'" "Shapes Of Things"

Tomorrow's Eyes "I'm A Man" "On The Very Last Day"
- Let's Go 69

Traffic "Paper Sun" "Hole in My Shoe" -French b+w

Rolling Stones "Loving Cup" plus 2 full songs - Exile rehearsals

Stones "Sympathy For The Devil" '68, live, David Frost -not

Stones "I Wanna Be Your Man" 64 "As Tears Go By"
-Mick & Keith

Rolling Stones- Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby: rare b &w promo
with unreleased (in U.S.) footage of the cross-dressing stunt.

Stones '66 Europe Tour short films

The Red Skelton Show, 9/22/64: Tell Me, Carol, It's All Over Now. Shivaree:
Down The Road A Piece, Little Red Rooster, Play With Fire, Last Time.

Ed Sullivan: Last Time, Gimme Shelter, Love In Vain, Honky Tonk Women.
David Frost: You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Don Kirshner: Dancing With Mr. D,

Silver Train. Shindig: Oh Baby We Got A Good Thing Going, Down The Road
A Piece, Heart Of Stone.

Hullaballoo: Get Off My Cloud, She Said Yeah.


Who - Ultra Rare Live '65 & '69

December's Children "Somethin' Fresh" - Action 12/2/66

Guilloteens "I Don't Believe" Texas garage band (they did "Hey

Lollipop Shoppe "Who's Gonna Cry?" clip from Angels from Hell

Other Half "Owsley Eves Drops" - Mod Squad

Uniques "You Ain't Tuff" - Action

Jimmy + the Fireballs "Sugar Shack" - Upbeat

Tommy Roe "Dizzy" - Upbeat

Billy Joe Royal - "Hush" -Upbeat


Jan & Dean (60 min) compilation: Beech Nut, Hollywood Palace,

It's What's Happening Baby (Murray the K special), T.A.M.I., etc.

L.A.'s FIRST LOVE-IN (20 min.) Clear Light, and others

Mothers of Invention LIVE ON THE BBC 1968 (32 min)

The Sound Is Now -complete show with Sonny & Cher, Phil Ochs

Where It's At -full show, 69- The Collectors play 6 psych songs


RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP (complete, no edits. Very good print.

The Standells, Chocolate Watchband, and Enemys cause a riot from the

inside Pandora's Box! Added bonuses: original prevue; and garage band

scenes from HOT RODS TO HELL (Mimsy Farmer in both)


Girls Attack Vol. 5:
Reperata &
the Delrons, Billie Davis, Ikettes, Sylvie Vartan, Joey Heatherton, Charo,
Peggy Lipton (Mod Squad), Patty Duke,
'60s country with attitude-
Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Jeannie C. Riley;

Ronettes- Is This What I Get For Loving You [Hullabaloo 4/27/65]

Chiffons- Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind But Me

Jackie & The Raindrops-Locomotion

Millie Small- Sugar Dandy
rare Sandie Shaw, Leslie Gore, Moon Maids, Jackie DeShannon,
Piccola Pupa, more.


Highlights of GIRLS ATTACK Vol. 6:

Whiz Bam theme "The Cool Ones"

Brenda Lee - Thanks A Lot

Lainie Kazan- Right Now

Pili & Mili - I Want A Modern Boy

Kipp Hamilton - The Words Get Stuck In My Throat

Julie Driscoll - This Wheels On Fire

Joey Heatherton - I've Got Your Number

Shaye Cogan - Pathway To Sin

Carol Connors - Wild Cat Jones

Natalie Wood - You're Gonna Hear From Me

Mamie Van Doren - The Girl Who Invented Rock'n'Roll

Meg Myles - More Deadly Than The Male

Sabrina - I Would If I Could

June Carter & Family - The Last Thing On My Mind

Buffy St. Marie - Codine

Linda Ronstadt - You're A Very Lovely Woman


Untamed-One More Heartache

Outsiders-several songs, interview and reunion

Het- Kejjenagaan

Les Baroques- Such A Cad

Cuby & The Blizzards-interview, Gin House Blues

Who-'65 BBC interview, live show; Bucket T rehearsal, '66 color promo

Les Aiglons-Stalactite

Los Yakis -Devil With A Blue Dress On + 1 real PSYCH-OUT song!

Shangri-Las - Long Live Our Love

Down, Good Loving

Beau Brummels-Laugh Laugh

Everly Bros -Gone, Gone, Gone +' Animals, Byrds, Hollies, McCoys, Marianne
Faithful, Nashville Teens, Rocky & The Airdales, Raiders


Mike Douglas Show-

Rascals- Good Lovin' + 2 more hits

Moby Grape- Omaha, 8:05

Motown: Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder

Rasberries (4 power pop hits)


Brigitte Bardot/Serge Gainsbourg

solo and duet '60s videos-

Bonnie & Clyde, Harley-Davidson, bat-girl spoof, Initials B.B., Contact,
Hippie, Dr. Jekyll...


Shivaree-nice copy of complete show with Bobby Fuller 4, Dee Dee Sharp,
Dusty, Grass Roots

The Affluent Teenager-1964 KYA San Francisco Teen Fair chronicled in
this vintage 30 min. film. Three (unknown) garage bands perform. One belts
out a raunchy Louie Louie! Who's that mod girl-group? Wally (Tony Dow) and
underground DJ Tom Donahue surface. I taped it off-air from an unlisted
local cable-access station broadcast.

History of Stax Records (Bravo)

Stones '64 tour footage-rare!

(ten mins. of color 8mm)

Dick Dale & the Del-Tones

wild '63 dance concert! 4 numbers!

Teenage Strangler (Surf band)

The Chantays- Pipeline, on the Lawrence Welk Show! Hang a-ten!

Hollies Europe '65 rare promos-not like any I've seen previously!!

Ed Sullivan Show - Dick Dale, The Angels (My Boyfriend's Back) and all
the rest of Ed's guests one Sunday night in '63.


On The Run - '66 color TV pilot starring Jan & Dean, who sing in
a concert setting and drive cool cars.


One Man's Challenge - Early '63 B&W 30 minute film with the original
Beach Boys performing Surfing Safari live and unedited. Plus surf instro
by The Raindrops.


Gonks Go Big-Beat: complete film with Ginger Baker, Graham Bond, Jack
Bruce, Nashville Teens, Girls!


Fugs, Mc5- live '60s Euro TV performances. Surprisingly good.


Hollywood Backstage- The Haunted House is explored by Sonny & Cher
in '66...famous monsters lurk in every cranny, a bat-girl go-go dances on
stage to the house band, and finally an embarrassed Sonny (he forgot to
wear his Son of Frankenstein vest) dances with his bride. Inside various
other Sunset Strip clubs bands like The Enemy, The American Beatles, The
Sinners perform. Wow!


Bob Dylan-Steve Allen Show: Hattie Carrol + long interview ('63), Quest-
'63 TV special debuts Freewheelin' songs.

Bob Dylan'65 San Francisco press conference, with young Bill Graham


More Subterranean Sixties Snarl Bands

Vagrants -Oh Those Eyes

Rockin' Ramrods-Play It

Hassles -Voices ('67 color promo clip)

Chessmen-I Need You There (brief clip of revered Texas garage band)

Inferno 5+1 -I Won't Cry Over You

Demons-Too Much For Me + 1

Astronauts- Baby Please Don't Go

Raiders-The Judge (GTO ad)

Phantoms- Hang On Sloopy

Split Enz- Rich With Nothin' +1

Bit-a-Sweet-Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Rowdies -Pushover

Shondells- Crimson And Clover

Nazz -Not Wrong Long, Open My Eyes

Astronauts - Speedy Gonzales + 1

Knickerbockers- Lies (Shindig)

People- I Love You

Standells-on Hollywood Palace

Bing Crosby Show- complete show with The Standells -3 songs
including their early garage folk-rocker: "Someday You'll Cry"

13th Floor Elevators -(upgrade) Gonna Miss Me

Sound Corporation-Opie's Theme (Andy Griffith Show)

Mt. Rushmore - Stone Free

Zappa-'63 debut on Steve Allen Mothers of Invention '66-'67


American Bandstand- complete shows, off-air

Van Morrison '67

Jefferson Airplane '67

CCR '69

Electric Prunes '66

New Years '67 w/ The Rose Garden


Oddball Movies w/Rock music:

Pit Stop (Daily Flash' fuzz guitar soundtrack)

Lord Love A Duck- (The Wild Ones)

The Sweet Ride (Moby Grape)

Hallucination Generation

The Sorcerers (freak-beat bands)

Fireball Jungle

Red Line 7000

The Love-Ins (Choc. Watchband)

Awakening of the Beast (Brazil pysh band)

Age of Violence (Mexican rockers)

Satan In High Heels

You Are What You Eat- '67 color film Chet
Helms & Family Dog, Frank Zappa, David Crosby, Tiny Tim, teen fair.

Girl In Gold Boots- '69 Ted Mikels movie offers plenty of
cool chicks and a garage band at the Haunted House nightclub
in Hollywood. .

Monterey Pop: The Lost Performances.

Aired in June '97, The Byrds set,
+ a song each by Big Brother, Airplane, Blues Project, Electric Flag, Quicksilver,
Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Laura Nyro, Association, more. The stereo seperation is amazing.

Free- '70 free concert gone wrong. Hendrix performs, apparently pissed off at the promoters. Eventually the political factions liberate the stage but the people's music is mostly congas and it's a gas... tear gas, a total riot!

Fillmore:The Last Days this uncensored version includes Bill Graham offering to perform impromptu dental work on "sweetheart" Mike Wilhelm .


Behind The Music: I have to include this tell-all expose/confession of
Jefferson Airplane. Footage of an unaired concert in Germany shows Grace
Slick so drunk on stage she slurs the lyrics to White Rabbit and screams
"Who won the war?" at the audience who start leaving in droves!.


Dick Cavett Show- Joni Mitchell, The Airplane managed to sing their "motherfvcker"
lyric on network TV uncensored.

COMPILATION: San Francisco Bands of the Sixties 2 hours of the best stuff I could assemble.


Soul & Blues:

Edwin Hawkins- Oh Happy Day

Sam & Dave- (two promos)

Checkmates Ltd.- Black Pearl

John Lee Hooker- Boom Boom

Howlin Wolf-How Many More Years

Lloyd Thaxton Show - '64 show with Peter, Paul and Mary singing and Lloyd
lip-synching the hits, plus performing his zany skits.


Serena-Blow You A Kiss In The Wind

Boyce&Hart-What She's Doin'Tonite

Beatles-Ed Sullivan 9/12/65 : Help,

You Can't Do That, I'm Down,

Ticket To Ride

"Let's All Be Beatles"- Pathe reel

Coasters- Searchin' + 3

Shangri-Las - Twist & Shout + 2

Who- My Generation (no stutter)

Kinks -Got Love If You Want It, Who'll Be The Next In Line

Electric Prunes- (Bandstand) Too Much To Dream Last Night

Love- Message To Pretty

Peanut Butter Conspiracy- Back In L.A.

October Country-October Country

Lulu- Shout (Shindig)

Box Tops -The Letter

This Is Darin

(+ another Darin special)

Ben Casey episode, complete with Davy Jones playing glue-sniffer

* * *

Five Americans -Western Union

Sandy Nelson - Drum Dance


a fuzz club compilation by ken kaffke

The Mods (5 minute documentary)

The Quagmires-Next In Line, Pretty Baby, Train Kept A Rollin' (It's Happening)

The Event-I'm Grounded (")

The Jam-Strange Town (American Bandstand), Eton Rifles (Top Of the Pops),

" Pretty Green (Tommorrow Show),

" Takin My Love, In The City (Electric Circus)

The Driving Wheels-Goin' To The River, You Don't Love Me, Bad Little

I Wanna Be Your Man, Got My Mojo Workin' (It's Happening)

The Tell-Tale Hearts- You Have Eyes Like Ragin Fire [?], It's Not Me
[?] (")

The Witch Doctors-Ballad Of The Restless Man (")

The Fad- Shakin' Feelin (", on location)

The Tell-Tale Hearts- Don't Shoot Me Down (")

Chesterfield Kings-Night Of The Phantom

Morlocks-I Believe (Gilman Project)

The Mummies (live show 3 songs)

* * *

Bram Rigg Set-I Can Only Give You Everything (The Show With A Very Long

The Sound Corporation- Opie's Theme (Andy Griffith Show)

Boyce & Hart-Out And About (I Dream Of Jeannie)

The Shakers-We're Through

The Dukes-Friday On My Mind

The Gentlemen- Cara-Lin

The Purple Hearts- Just A Little Bit (Aussie TV, '66)

Boyce & Hart -I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight

" " -Girl I Love You

Small Faces- I Got My Babe (Dateline Diamonds)

" " Green Circles, Song Of A Baker, Whatcha Gonna Do, Sha La La La Lee, C'mon
Children, It's Alright, All or Nothing, Happiness Stan, Lazy Sunday, Whatcha
Gonna Do

A Mod, Mod World: The Yardbirds-Over, Under, Sideways Down, Turn Into




Moon Maids

Beatles '64 copy band- actual live monkeys!

Raquel Welch

Peggy Lee-off key Maxwell's Hammer

Nancy Sinatra Beatles medley




1. Elvis Presley - "Baby Let's Play House"

2. Elvis Presley - "Ready Teddy"

3. Carl Perkins - "Blue Suede Shoes"

4. Gene Vincent - "Be Bop-a-Lula"

5. Elvis Presley - "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)"

6. Elvis Presley - "Too Much"

7. Lorrie Collins -"Just For You"

8. 2 cool cats - "Nothin' But Sweet Love On My Mind"

9. Carl Perkins - "Glad All Over"

10. Eddie Cochran - "C'mon Everybody"

11. Johnny Carroll - "Crazy Lovin"/"Wild Women"

12. Lonesome Rhoads - "Shoobie Doobie"

13. Elvis Presley - "Shake Rattle 'n Roll"

14. Ricky Nelson - "Mean Old World"

15. Bobby Fuller 4 - "I Fought The Law"

16. Jerry Lee Lewis - "High School Confidential"

17. Johnny Cash - "Orange Blossom Special"

18. Eddie Cochran - "Twenty Flight Rock"

19. Buddy Holly - "That'll Be The Day" / "Peggy Sue"

20. Elvis Presley - "Hound Dog"

21. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Great Balls Of Fire"

22. Jerry Lee Lewis - "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On"

23. Carl Perkins - "Matchbox"

24. Ronnie Hawkins - "Need Your Lovin'"

25. Gene Vincent & his Bluecaps - "Baby Blue"

26. The Sparkletones - "Black Slacks"

27. Gene Vincent & his Bluecaps- "Dance To The Bop"

28. Johnny Burnette Trio - "Lonesome Train"

29. Wanda Jackson - "Real Cool"

30. Everly Brothers -"Wake Up Little Suzie"/"Price Of

31. Everly Brothers - "You're My Girl"/ "Gone, Gone, Gone"

32. Ricky Nelson - "Boppin' The Blues"/ "Hello Mary Lou"

33. Del Shannon - "Runaway"

34. Dion - "Ruby Baby"

35. Vince Taylor & The Hound Dogs - "20 Flight Rock"

36. rockabilly flix - quick pix

37. Elvis Presley - "Blue Suede Shoes"

38. Collins Kids - "Hop, Skip And Jump"

39. Johnny Carroll - "Rockin' Maybelle"

40. Johnny Carroll + Kay Wheeler - "Sugar Baby"

41. Patsy Cline - "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"

42. Wanda Jackson - "Hot Dog, That Made Him Mad"

43. Brenda Lee - "Dynamite"

44. Collins Kids - "Hoy Hoy"

45. Collins Kids - "Let's Have A Party"

46. Eddie Cochran - "Teena ge Heaven"

47. Bob Luman - "This Is The Night" / instrumental

48. David Houston - "Mm Boy, Could She Kiss"

49. Bob Luman - "All Night Long"

50. Bill Haley & The Comets - "Rock Around The Clock"

51. Elvis Presley - "Money Honey"

52. Elvis Presley - "Heartbreak Hotel"


More music videos:


Amboy Dukes Smothers Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Amboy Dukes Upbeat Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Amen Corner European T.V. Bend Me, Shape Me

American Breed Upbeat Bend Me, Shape Me

Animals Beat Beat Beat C.C. Rider

Animals Beat Beat Beat Road Runner

Animals Beat Beat Beat Tobacco Road

Animals Dangerous X-Mas of R.R. Hood Snubbed (w/Cyril Richard)

Animals Dangerous X-Mas of R.R. Hood We're Gonna Howl Tonight

Animals Ed Sullivan House Of The Rising Sun

Animals Ed Sullivan Don't Bring Me Down

Animals Ed Sullivan We Gotta Get Outta This Place

Animals Get Yourself A College Girl Around and Around

Animals Get Yourself A College Girl Blue Feeling

Animals Hullabaloo It's My Life

Animals Hullabaloo We Gotta Get Outta This Place

Animals It's A Bikini World We Gotta Get Outta This Place

Animals promo Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Animals promo House of the Rising Sun

Animals promo San Francisco Nights

Animals promo When I Was Young

Astronauts Out of Sight Baby Please Don't Go

Astronauts Wild On the Beach Speedy Gonzales; Rock the World

Astronauts Hullaballoo Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

Bad Seeds Teen Time Taste Of The Same

Bad Seeds Teen Time I'm A King Bee

Barbarians T.A.M.I. Hey Little Bird

Beach Boys Shindig Monster Mash + 2

Beau Brummels Hollywood A Go Go Laugh Laugh

Beau Brummels- Hullaballoo Laugh Laugh

Beau Brummels Hullabaloo Don't Talk To Strangers

Bee Gees Australian T.V. '66 Spix and Spex

Big Boy Pete Beat Club Cold Turkey

Bit-A-Sweet Blonde On A Bum Trip Outta Sight, Outta Mind

Black Sabbath Beat Club Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath Beat Club Iron Man

Black Sabbath Beat Club Paranoid

Blue Cheer Beat Club; Bandstand Summertime Blues (2 versions)

Blue Cheer regional T.V. The Hunter

Blues Magoos Memphis Talent Party We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet

Blues Magoos Smothers Bros Pipe Dream

Blues Magoos Texas T.V. We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet (black & white)

Bob Dylan British T.V. '64 With God On Our Side

Bob Dylan Eat the Document ('66) I Don't Believe You (+3)

Bob Dylan Festival ('67) Maggie's Farm (+3)

Bob Dylan Quest (2/'/64) Hattie Carroll (+5 live Freewheelin')

Bob Dylan S. F. '65 press conference 30 minute interview

Bob Dylan Steve Allen Show '63 Hattie Carrol + long interview

Bob Dylan w/ Butterfield Festival 1965 Maggie's Farm (+3)

Box Tops Live at the Bitter End The Letter

Boyce & Hart promo What She's Doin'Tonite

Boys Blue Germany '66 You've Got What I Want

Bram Rigg Set I Can Only Give You Everything

(New) Breed Malibu U Green Eyed Woman

Buckinghams Ed Sullivan Show Susan

Buckinghams Ed Sullivan Show What Is Love

Buckinghams Upbeat Kind Of A Drag

Buffalo Springfield American Bandstand For What It's Worth

Byrds Hullabaloo 10/4/65 The Times They Are A-Changin'

Byrds Shindig Mr. Tambourine Man

Byrds Shivaree All I Really Wanna Do

Byrds Shivaree Feel A Whole Lot Better

Byrds T.N.T. Show Bells of Rhymney

Byrds T.N.T. Show Mr. Tambourine Man

Byrds T.N.T. Show Turn Turn Turn

Casey Jones & Governers Beat Beat Beat Come On And Dance

Casey Jones & Governers Beat Beat Beat It's All Right

Castaways Texas T.V. Liar Liar

Castaways Where The Action Is Liar Liar

Castaways Where The Action Is Sam

Chantays Lawrence Welk Show Pipeline

Checkmates Ltd. promo Black Pearl

Chessmen (doc. short clip of Texas garage band) I Need You There

Chocolate Watchband Riot On Sunset Strip Milk Cow Blues

Chocolate Watchband Riot On Sunset Strip Sitting Here Standing

Collins Kids Tex Ritter's Ranch Party Let's Have A Party

Collins, Laurie Tex Ritter Just For You, Soda Poppin' Around

Count V American Bandstand Peace of Mind (with interview)

Count V American Bandstand Psychotic Reaction

Count V Where The Action Is Psychotic Reaction

Creation Beat Beat Beat If I Stay Too Long

Creation Beat Beat Beat Painter Man

Creation Beat Beat Beat That's How Strong My Love Is

Creation Beat Beat Beat Try & Stop Me

Creation Twien Painter Man (pop art-style promo)

Crystals promo Da Doo Ron Ron

Crystals Shivaree (?) He's A Rebel

Cuby & The Blizzards Euro TV Gin House Blues, Mystic Eyes

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks promo The Jukie's Ball

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick Dutch T.V. Hold Tight

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick European T.V. Hideaway

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick European T.V. Hold Tight

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick European T.V. Zabadak

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick Moef Ga Ga '65 Bend It

Dave, Dee, Dozy, Mick promo Hold Tight

Del-Aires Horror Of Party Beach Wiggle Wobble

Del-Aires Horror Of Party Beach Zombie Stomp

Demons Too Much For Me + '

Dick Dale Hollywood & The Stars (Instrumental clip)

Dick Dale + Deltones Rebel in the Ring Miserlou

Dick Dale & the Del-Tones '63 live show (4 wild tunes)

Dick & Mimi Farina Festival 1967 Pack Up Your Sorrows

Don & The Goodtimes Malibu U I Could Be So Good To You

Doors Jonathan Winters Show Moonlight Drive

Doors Popside 1968 (complete performance film:) Back Door Man,

Love Me Two Times, The Unknown Soldier, When The Music's Over

Driscoll, Auger & Trinity promo This Wheel's On Fire

Duane Eddy Hollywood A Go Go Rebel Rouser

Dukes Euro TV Friday On My Mind

Easybeats Australian Bandstand '65 Wedding Ring #2

Easybeats Australian Bandstand '65 Women

Easybeats Beat Beat Beat Friday On My Mind

Easybeats Beat Beat Beat Made My Bed, Now I'm Gonna Lie in It!

Easybeats Beat Beat Beat River Deep, Mountain High

Easybeats Beat Club Friday On My Mind

Easybeats Beat Club Good Times

Easybeats Beat Club Hello, How Are You?

Easybeats Beat Club Lovin' Machine

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand Come & See Her

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand Easy As Can Be

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand I'll Make You Happy #'

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand I'll Make You Happy #2

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand In My Book

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand She's So Fine

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand Sorry

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand Wedding Ring #'

Easybeats Bryan Hendersen's Bandstand Wedding Ring #2

Ed Sullivan Show - (complete) Dick Dale, (Surf medley) The Angels (My
Boyfriend's Back) + all of Ed's guests one Sunday night in '63.

Eddie Cochran American Bandstand C'mon Everybody

Eddie Cochran Girl Can't Help It Twenty Flight Rock

Electric Prunes Sherri Lewis Show Get Me to the World On Time

Electric Prunes Sherri Lewis Show I Had Too Much To Dream

Enemys Beverly Hillbillies medley

Enemys Riot On Sunset Strip Jolene

Episode 6 w/Ian Gillian European T.V. I Hear Trumpets

Episode 6 w/Ian Gillian European T.V. Morning Dew

Equals Euro TV Baby Come Back, + 3

Eric Burdon promo When I Was Young

Every Mother's Son Man From U.N.C.L.E. Come On Down To My Boat

Factory F-Troop That's Show Biz

Faded Blue Blast-Off Girls Go Fuhh Yourself

Fairport Convention Euro T.V. Time Will Show The Wiser

Fanny Beat Club Special Care

Flamin' Groovies promo Shake Some Action

Fleetwood Mac Beat Club Dragonfly (+more)

Fleetwood Mac Playboy After Dark Rattlesnake Shake

Flying Burrito Bros. Older Guys, Devil In Disguise (Christine's Song)

Fugs Euro TV various performances

German Blue Flames Too Much Monkey Business, I've Got Mine +'

German Bonds Beat Beat Beat We're Out Of Sight

Golden Earings Dutch T.V. Daddy Buy Me A Girl

Graham Bond Organization Gonks Go Beat Harmonica

Grass Roots Playboy After Dark Midnight Confessions

Hard Times Where The Action Is Fortune Teller

Hassles ('67 color promo clip) I Hear Voices

Herman's Hermits Beat Beat Beat Dandy, Jezebel, No Milk Today +'

Hollies 1965 NME Pollwinners Concert Just One Look

Hollies Beat Beat Beat Bus Stop

Hollies Beat Beat Beat On A Carousel

Hollies Beat Beat Beat On The Very Last Day

Hollies Beat Beat Beat Stop Stop Stop

Hollies Holland '66 I'm Alive

Hollies alternate promo versions of various hits

Hondells Shindig Bad Motorcycle

Hondells Shindig Go Little Honda

Hondells Shindig You're Gonna Ride With Me

Hou Lops Canadian T.V. Oh No

Howlin' Wolf Shindig How Many More Years (Brian Jones intro)

Inferno 5+1 I Won't Cry Over You

Iveys Dutch T.V. Maybe Tomarrow

James & Bobby Purify promo I'm Your Puppet

Jan & Dean American Bandstand Baby Talk

Jan & Dean Where The Action Is From All Over The World

Jan & Dean Where The Action Is Sidewalk Surfin'

Jeff Beck Beat Club Definitely Maybe

Jefferson Airplane Ed Sullivan Crown of Creation

Jefferson Airplane Noel Harrison Show Two Heads (+')

Jefferson Airplane Smothers Brothers Lather (+2)

Jenny Rock French-Canadian T.V. Mal (Hush - Deep Purple )

Kingsmen American Bandstand Louie Louie

Kingsmen Hollywood A Go Go Louie Louie

Kingsmen Shindig Louie Louie

Kingsmen Shindig Jolly Green Giant

Kingsmen Hullaballoo Money (+ Louie teaser)

Kinks Beat Beat Beat '66 Til The End Of The Day

Kinks Beat Beat Beat '66 You Really Got Me

Kinks Beat Club Muswell Hillbillies

Kinks Beat Club Plastic Man

Kinks Beat Club Waterloo Sunset

Kinks Beat Club Wonder Boy

Kinks Beat Club Mr. Pleasant

Kinks Beat Club Death of A Clown

Kinks Beat Room You Really Got Me

Kinks Hullabaloo All Day And All Of The Night

Kinks Hullabaloo You Really Got Me

Kinks Popside I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

Kinks Popside See My Friends

Kinks Popside Set Me Free

Kinks promo Autumn Almanac

Kinks promo Sunny Afternoon

Kinks Shindig All Day And All Of The Night

Kinks Shindig I Gotta Move

Kinks Shindig I'm A Lover Not A Fighter

Kinks Shindig Milk Cow Blues

Kinks Shindig Tired Of Waiting

Kinks Shindig You Really Got Me

Kinks Sweden 1965 You Really Got Me

Kinks Texas T.V. Sunny Afternoon

Knickerbockers Hollywood A Go Go Lies

Knickerbockers Where The Action Is Tired Of Waiting For You

Knickerbockers Shindig Lies

Leaves American Bandstand Hey Joe

Leaves The Cool Ones Dr. Stone

Lemon Pipers Upbeat Green Tambourine

Liverbirds Beat Club Diddley Daddy

Liverbirds Beat Club Peanut Butter

Liverbirds Beat Club Why Do You Hang Around Me?

Lords German T.V. Don't Mince Matter

Lords German T.V. On A Sunday Evening

Lords German T.V. Wishin' and Hopin'

Lorrie Collins Tex Ritter's Party Show Just For You

Los Bravos Beat Beat Beat Black Is Black

Love American Bandstand Little Red Book, Message To Pretty

Lovin' Spoonful Hullabaloo There She Is

Manfred Mann Beat CLub Mighty Quin

Manfred Mann Pop Special Ha Ha Said The Clown

Manfred Mann Popside Ha Ha Said The Clown

Manfred Mann Shindig Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Marianne Faithful Rock and Roll Circus Something Better

Marianne Faithful Shindig As Tears Go By

MC5 Beat Club Kick Out The Jams

McCoys Beat Club Jesse Brady

McCoys Hollywood A Go Go Hang On Sloopy

Mindbenders Beat Beat Beat Groovy Kind Of Love

Mitch Ryder Live at the Bitter End #' Sock It To Me Baby

Mojos Everyday's a Holiday '64 Nobody But Me

Monkees Johnny Cash Show Clarksville (+1)

Monks Beat Beat Beat Complication

Monks Beat Beat Beat I Can't Get Over You

Monks Beat Beat Beat Cuckoo

Mothers Of Invention Bitter End In The Sky

Mothers Of Invention Bitter End Suzy Creamcheese

Mothers Of Invention Monkees T.V. Series Motherly Love

Motions Dutch Rarities Wasted Words

Motions Twien '66 Same Old Song

Mott The Hoople Beat Beat Beat Crossroads

Move Beat Beat Beat I Can Hear The Grass Grow

Move Beat Beat Beat Night Of Fear

Move Beat Beat Beat Walk Upon The Water

Move Beat Club Wild Tiger Woman

Move Dutch Rarities Flowers In The Rain (+')

Music Machine American Bandstand Talk Talk

Nashville Teens Go Go Mania Poor Boy

Nashville Teens Shindig Tobacco Road

Nashville Teens promo Tobacco Road #2

Neil Sadaka promo '61 Calendar Girl

Neil Young Johnny Cash Show Needle & Damage Done

New Colony Six Kiddie A Go Go I Lie Awake

Newbeats Shingdig Bread & Butter

Nice Beat Club Hang Onto A Dream

Outsiders Dutch - Lying All The Time

Outsiders Dutch - Thinking About Today

Outsiders Where The Action Is Time Won't Let Me

Pink Floyd promo Apples & Oranges

Pink Floyd promo Arnold Lane

Pink Floyd promo Interstellar Overdrive

Pink Floyd promo Scarecrow

Pink Floyd promo See Emily Play

Pretty Things Beat Club Raining In My Heart

Pretty Things Beat Club Roadrunner

Pretty Things Dutch Rarities Big Boss Man

Pretty Things Dutch Rarities Don't Bring Me Down

Pretty Things Dutch Rarities Honey, I Need

Pretty Things Dutch Rarities Midnight To Six Man

Pretty Things Popside - 1966 (promo) Come See Me

Pretty Things Shindig Big City

Procol Harum Tops Of The Pops '67 Whiter Shade of Pale

Q 65 promo '66 The Life I Live

Rainbows Beat Beat Beat Louie Louie

Rattles Beat Beat Beat Come On And Sing

Rattles Beat Beat Beat La La La La La

Rattles Circus Krone Concert - 7/5/66 Come On And Sing

Rattles Circus Krone Concert - 7/5/66 Sha La La La Lee

Rattles Circus Krone Concert - 7/5/66 She Is The Love Of My Life

Rattles Dutch Rarities The Witch

Red Squares Beat Beat Beat All My Crying

Red Squares Beat Beat Beat I Get Around

Rolling Stones 1965 MNE Pollwinners Concert I Just Wanna Make Love To

Rolling Stones Australian T.V. Walkin' The Dog

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Around & Around

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan As Tears Go By

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Gimme Shelter

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Have You Seen Your Mother Baby

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Honky Tonk Woman

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Lady Jane

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Last Time

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Lets Spend The Night Together

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Little Red Rooster

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Love In Vain

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Paint It Black

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Ruby Tuesday

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Satisfaction

Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Time Is On My Side

Rolling Stones Hollywood Palace I Just Wanna Make Love To You

Rolling Stones Hollywood Palace Not Fade Away

Rolling Stones Hullabaloo - 11/15/66 Get Off My Cloud

Rolling Stones Hullabaloo - 11/15/66 She Said Yeah

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Bitch

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Brown Sugar

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Dead Flowers

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 I Got The Blues

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Let It Rock

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Live With Me

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Midnight Rambler

Rolling Stones Marquee Club - 1971 Satisfaction

Rolling Stones promo 2000 Light Years From Home

Rolling Stones promo Child Of The Moon

Rolling Stones promo Have You Seen Your Mother Baby

Rolling Stones promo Jumpin' Jack Flash

Rolling Stones promo We Love You

Rolling Stones promo '67 Ruby Tuesday

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! I Am Waiting

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! I Got You Babe (mime)

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! Paint It Black

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! Satisfaction

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! That's How Strong My Love Is

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! Under My Thumb

Rolling Stones Ready Steady Go! We Got A Good Thing Going

Rolling Stones Rick Krispies Ad - 1964 "Rice Krispe"

Rolling Stones Rock Concert Silver Train

Rolling Stones Shindig Down The Road Apiece

Rolling Stones Shindig Heart of Stone

Rolling Stones Shindig Oh Baby

Rolling Stones Shindig Suzie Q

Rolling Stones Shindig - 9/16/65 Satisfaction

Rolling Stones Shivaree Last Time

Rolling Stones Shivaree Little Red Rooster

Rolling Stones Shivaree Play With Fire

Rolling Stones T.A.M.I. Show Around & Around (+5)

Rolling Stones promo Let's Spend The Night Together

Ronettes Shindig Be My Baby

Rose Garden American Bandstand - 12/30/67 Next Plane To London

Sandie Shaw promo Long Live Love

Searchers Ed Sullivan Needles & Pins

Seeds Texas T.V. Pushin' Too Hard

Seeds The Mothers-In-Law Pushin' Too Hard

Seeds Shebang Pushin' Too Hard

Shadows Crackerjack 1961 Instrumental

Shadows Late '60's promo Apache

Shags & Bram Rigg Set The Show With The V.L. Title By My Side

Shags & Bram Rigg Set The Show With The V.L. Title Hey Little Girl

Shags & Bram Rigg Set The Show With The V.L. Title I Call Your Name

Shags & Bram Rigg Set The Show With The V.L. Title I Can Only Give
You Everything

Shocking Blue Blizen 1970 Venus (live)

Shocking Blue Hits A Go Go '69 Venus (live)

Shocking Blue promo Venus (extended version)

Silkie Beat Club The Time They Are A-Changin'

Sinners Hollywood A Go Go Baby Please Don't Go

Sinners Hollywood A Go Go Laugh Laugh

Slade Beat Club Coz I Love You

Small Faces Beat Beat Beat All Or Nothing

Small Faces Beat Beat Beat Hey Girl

Small Faces Beat Beat Beat Sha La La La Lee

Small Faces Beat Beat Beat Watcha Gonna Do About It

Small Faces Dutch T.V. All Or Nothing

Small Faces Dutch T.V. Hey Girl

Small Faces Dutch T.V. Sha La La La Lee

Small Faces Dutch T.V. Watcha Gonna Do About It

Small Faces - Itchykoo Park

Small Faces film Color Me Pop Song Of A Baker

Snobs Dutch Rarities Buckleshoe Stomp

Southwest F.O.B. Texas T.V. Smell of Incense

Sparkletones Nat King Cole Show Black Slacks

Sparkletones Nat King Cole Show Rock It

Spencer Davis Group Beat Beat Beat '66 Keep On Runnin'

Spencer Davis Group Beat Beat Beat '66 Somebody Help Me

Spencer Davis Group Dutch T.V. '66 Keep On Runnin'

Spencer Davis Group Finnish T.V. '67 Gimme Some Lovin' (+7)

Spencer Davis Group promo '67 Gimme Some Lovin'

Spencer Davis Group Texas T.V. Gimme Some Lovin'

Spencer Davis Group Texas T.V. I'm A Man

Spencer Davis Group The Beat Of London I'm A Man

Spotniks Grand Gala Due Disque Amapola

Standells Memphis Talent Party Dirty Water

Standells Riot On Sunset Strip Get Away From Here

Standells Riot On Sunset Strip Riot On Sunset Strip

Standells Where The Action Is Dirty Water

Standells Where The Action Is Sometimes Good Guy's Don't Wear White

Status Quo Dutch Rarities Technicoloured Dreams

Status Quo Top Of The Pops '68 Pictures of Matchstick Man

Syndicate of Sound Where The Action Is Little Girl

Tell-Tale Hearts It's Happening Don't Shoot Me Down

Ten Years After Beat Club Good Morning Little School Girl

Kinks Beat Room You Really Got Me

Third Rail Texas T.V. Run Run Run

Thirteenth Floor Elevators American Bandstand You're Gonna Miss Me

Thirteenth Floor Elevators Where The Action Is You're Gonna Miss Me

Thirteenth Precinct Happening '68 I Can't Help Myself

Tommy Roe Texas T.V. Sweet Pea

Traffic promo Hole In My Shoe

Troggs Beat Beat Beat I Can't Control Myself

Troggs Beat Beat Beat With A Girl Like You

Troggs Beat Club Hip Hip Hooray

Troggs Beat Club Night Of The Long Grass

Troggs promo Anyway That You Want Me

Ventures Beloved Invaders Apache (+8)

Walker Brothers promo The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Walker Brothers R.S.G. Quickie/Beat Club The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Wanda Jackson promo Hot Dog That Made Him Mad

Wanda Jackson Tex Ritter's Party Show Real Cool

We Five Hollywood A Go Go You Were On My Mind

Who American Bandstand - 12/30/67 I Can See For Miles

Who American Bandstand I Can't Explain

Who Beat Club Heat Wave

Who Beat Club I'm A Boy

Who Beat Club So Sad About Us

Who MTV/VH-' See Me, Feel Me

Who Popside 1966 Bald Headed Woman

Who Popside 1966 Daddy Rolling Stone

Who Popside 1966 It's Not True

Who Popside 1966 My Generation

Who Popside 1966 Substitute

Who Popside 1966 The Kids Are Allright

Who Shindig Heart Full Of Soul

Who Shindig I Can't Explain

Yardbirds 1965 NME Pollwinners Concert Shapes Of Things

Yardbirds 1965 NME Pollwinners Concert Train Kept A-Rollin'

Yardbirds Beat Beat Beat Happenings 10 Years Time Ago

Yardbirds Beat Beat Beat I'm A Man

Yardbirds Beat Beat Beat Over, Under Sideways, Down

Yardbirds Beat Beat Beat Shapes Of Things

Yardbirds Hullabaloo I'm A Man

Yardbirds promo Louise (1964)

Yardbirds Shindig Heart Full Of Soul

Yardbirds Shindig I'm A Man

Yardbirds Upbeat Heart Full Of Soul

Yardbirds pomo For Your Love

Young Rascals Hullaballo Good Lovin'

Zakary Thaks nightclub demo film: 3/5 Of A Mile In '/10 Of A Second

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film I'm A Man

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film Mustang Sally

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film My Back Pages

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film My Little Red Book

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film Shake

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film Sock It To Me Baby

Zakary Thaks Nightclub demo film Tell Her No

Zephyrs Ready Steady Go Wonder What I'm Gonna Do

Zombies Hullabaloo She's Not There

Zombies Shindig She's Not There

Zombies Shindig Tell Her No

Zombies Where The Action is Tell Her No

Zombies Where The Action is She's Coming Home

Zombies Where The Action is She's Not There

Brigette Bardot and others: (60s Scopitones+ Euro TV)

Beatles Help behind the scenes of the movie

Byrds Ed Sullivan Mr. Spaceman (+1)

Donovan Smothers Brothers Atlantis (+ hits medley)

Doors Smothers Brothers Wild Child

Jefferson Airplane Smothers Brothers Lather (+2)

Rolling Stones Australian T.V. Satisfaction

Thirteenth Floor Elevators Cold Night for Alligators

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